Last Days Bible Lessons

These Bible studies are saved as PDF files. You could print them out, work on them and send by post or scan/take photos and send by email. Alternatively you could use a PDF editor such as Adobe Acrobat to enter your answers to the questions and then email. A third choice is to use an online PDF editor that you trust, such as Formswift to edit and save the PDF, with options to either print, download or have the edited PDF emailed to you. Most online editors will require that you open an account with them which they say is "Free", and you may do so if you trust the publisher. This is usually requested when you attempt to download or email the edited PDF.

Formswift is quite user friendly. Simply select the PDF that you want to edit and it will open in a new window. The edit tool is pre-selected and all you do is click where you want to type your text and when you have finished, click on the Save button at the top right of the window. You can move the text box by placing your cursor on the text box, hold down and drag to a new position. When finished, simply Save and then click on Download PDF or E-Mail to Recipient.

These lessons and information booklets are from:

Lesson #1 – How Can We Know the Future?

Lesson #2 – Will There Soon Be One World Government?

Lesson #3 – Could We Be Earth's Final Generation?  |  (Information Booklet A)

Lesson #4 – How Will the World End?

Lesson #5 – Preview of the Coming Age

Lesson #6 – Invisible Forces Behind the Scenes

Lesson #7 – You Can Be a New Person!

Lesson #8 – You Can Be a Friend of God!

Lesson #9 – What Happens to People When They Die?  |  (Information Booklet B)

Lesson #10 – What is a Soul?

Lesson #11 – The Secret of Immortality

Lesson #12 – Questions on Hell  |  (Information Booklet C)

Lesson #13 – The Mystery of Godliness

Lesson #14 – The World's Greatest Time Prophecy

Lesson #15 – Revelation Unseals Daniel's Prophecy  |  (Information Booklet D)

Lesson #16 – The Cleansing of the Sanctuary

Lesson #17 – How to Give Your Heart to Christ

Lesson #18 – The Treasure in the Temple  |  (Information Booklet E)

Lesson #19 – Remember Now Thy Creator

Lesson #20 – God's Commandment Remains Unchanged  |  (Information Booklet F)

Lesson #21 – Winds, Waves and Beasts From the Sea

Lesson #22 – The Beast of Revelation 13  |  (Information Booklet G)

Lesson #23 – The Sign of Loyalty  |  (Information Booklet H)

Lesson #24 – A Day to Remember

Lesson #25 – God's Claim Upon Your Body  |  (Information Booklet I)

Lesson #26 – The Christian and the World

Lesson #27 – Recognising God's Ownership

Lesson #28 – God's Special People  |  (Information Booklet J)

Lesson #29 – The Spirit of Prophecy

Lesson #30 – Testing the Gifts

Lesson #31 – When All Religions Unite

Lesson #32 – Will You Become a Son or Daughter of God

Lesson #33 – When You Hear His Voice


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